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The Digital Workforce RPA Academy has helped over 150 global organizations to level up Robotic Process Automation skills with the help of RPA training.

Choose from role-based courses in RPA Analytics, Automation Development, RPA Program Management and many more topics! Training for the leading RPA technologies: Blue Prism and UiPath.


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We are the only training provider offering the full spectrum of RPA Training and Intelligent Automation courses for all main RPA and automation roles: Head of Automation, RPA Business Analyst, RPA Developer, RPA Controller and Technical RPA Architect. 



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"Without the training, it would have been very difficult to take on our new robotics project. The training gave me the skills needed in practice."

“The content of the training was comprehensive and interesting. The workload of the course was precisely tailored to our needs.”

"Academy- courses gave me the necessary skills to take advantage of RPA as part of my daily work."

"The online course was well-built. The content matched my expectations and the schedule was very flexible. I would warmly recommend Academy- courses to other professionals!"

"Before the course I didn’t know anything about software robotics. The course gave me the necessary capabilities to act in a new situation, where our company investigates the opportunity of virtual workforce."


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