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DWF Academy Offering for Automation Anywhere Courses

Whether you are looking for a beginner or an advanced level course, we got you covered. For instance, our advanced development course includes complex exercises that take your knowledge to the next level!

Course: Automation Anywhere Basics

Getting to know Automation Anywhere

How does Automation Anywhere work? Where can it be used?

This one-day course presents the basic tools and features of Automation Anywhere, showcasing its capability for automation. Suitable for technical and business-minded people!

Course: Automation Anywhere Development

learn to develop automations

This three-day course is for those who are looking to get started on their automation development path. Enlightening classroom sessions with insights and exercises from our certified experts.

Course: Automation Anywhere Advanced

For certified or experienced developers

This advanced two-day course is designed for developers who are already certified or have at least six months of development experience with Automation Anywhere. Unlock the true potential of AA with our hands-on exercises based on real-life scenarios!

Check out our business-minded courses as well!

Course: RPA Analyst

Level up RPA analyst skills

For the professionals accountable for identifying, assessing and documenting processes suitable for automation. 

Course: RPA Program Management

Become the expert in leading RPA programs

For the manager(s) who will be leading RPA-related activities in the organisation and setting the strategic objectives for software robotics. 

Join the growing group of experts

Our Automation Anywhere courses are available in traditional classroom training format or instructor-lead, virtual classroom format.


The Digital Workforce Academy courses are available as online training and classroom training. Please contact our sales for more information. 

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