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Health Care

How broadly can RPA be utilized in health care and social care?

What needs to be considered when implementing RPA there? In which ways has it been done in the industry in general? What about the data security, when sensitive data is being handled? What can robots do when physical smart cards are required for accessing systems?

What are some of the common processes that are automated in health care?

All the way from administrative processes like personnel on-boarding to industry-specific processes like analysing and structuring medical referrals or prescription data, RPA is already widely used in the industry.

These questions and many more are answered in our RPA Program Management and RPA Analyst courses for health and social care, delivered by our industry experts with many years of industry and automation project experience.

Both trainings are available in eLearning and classroom formats. Details about the topics can be downloaded below.

RPA Program Management

For the manager(s) who will be leading RPA-related activities in the organisation and setting the strategic objectives for software robotics. 

Course PDF available soon

RPA Analyst

For the professionals accountable for identifying, assessing and documenting processes suitable for automation. 

Course PDF available soon

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The Digital Workforce Academy courses are available as online training and classroom training. Please contact our sales for more information. 

For the moment we provide eLearning for corporate accounts not for individual customers.

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